Remembering Nygil M. Cullins

For many, Christmas is a time to embrace faith, gather with family, and give and receive gifts of joy. On December 25, 1999, that day was no different. Nygil M. Cullins entered the world and brought joy to his family from that day forward. His parents, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins, Quinten Cullins, Sr. and Justin Armstrong knew early on that Nygil was special.

Nygil was known for so many wonderful things. Among them were his infectious smile, superior athletic ability, and compassion for mankind. Nygil applied himself academically but excelled in other areas as well. He was a musician, having developed a love for the violin and the arts as early as elementary school. From there, he would continue to pursue his love for music, film, and photography into his early adulthood. This was expressed through his recent recording of his own music, as well as launching a company known as Real Boss Moves (RBM) that focused on music, acting, and photography.

What is paramount to note about Nygil, is his concern for others. In his down time, Nygil loved spending time with family. Not only that, but he had an immense sense of compassion for humanity. Never wanting to focus solely on his own dreams, Nygil ensured that he served his community consistently and with excellence. It was his mission to ensure that the members of his community also had the opportunity to live their lives in safety. He joined the Community Watch and served his neighborhood of Community of Lake Dow until his untimely death.

While some may believe you must live long in order to leave a legacy, Nygils parents, siblings, and extended family disagree. Nygil M. Cullins in a short period of time, left his undeniable mark on his community and humanity at large. He has left the legacy of giving your all to your dreams and watching faith and passion collide to accomplish what your mind can conceive. He also left us the legacy of ensuring we care for others in our community, not forgetting to extend a helping hand. His mother, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins continues this legacy through the Nygil M. Cullins Recovery Housing and Community Center (Macon, GA). Every person who successfully completes the program at this Community Center, is proof that Nygil’s legacy lives on and this his spirit will never die.

May we all not only remember Nygil M. Cullins, but also strive to be the best we can be, while lifting others up.