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Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is a force to be reckoned with. She has accomplished tremendous feats and continues to bring something Henry County (and beyond) has never seen. She is set to create lasting change and undeniable impact in the world of substance abuse, mental health, and opioid addiction. She will tackle the importance of physical health, wellness and living life in abundance. While the world of mental health, substance abuse, and opioid addiction often goes ignored, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is facing and addressing these issues head-on; her tenacity and fearless drive is what continues to set them apart as leaders in this field. She comes with formal education, experience, and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Coupled with her determination, compassion, and integrity, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins has the power to bridge the gap in her community and bring effective and lasting change to end the opioid epidemic. Having worked in the field for countless years, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins has witnessed the heart-wrenching stories, pain, and breaking up of families, dreams, and hope that addiction can cause. She refuses to wait for change to come, she has decided that with her creative strategies she can declare- change is here! While some may seek to “mask” the problem, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is committed to going to the heart of the issue. She’s determined to help individuals get to the root of their pain, which will in turn lead to permanent effects, such as healthier individuals, families, and communities overall.

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Dr. Mya Speller Cullins has blazed a trail and brought an undeniable shift to the greater Atlanta area. Her substance abuse clinics, community centers, recovery center housing, books, talk shows, upcoming podcast, and more, have all worked to reach one goal. To bring awareness and solutions to the opioid epidemic in the United States and beyond. For Dr. Mya Speller Cullins, her compassion for the hurting and forgotten is what drives her. However, she has also obtained the education necessary to be an expert in her field. Her doctorate of philosophy in advanced studies and human behavior only serves to make a her an even more reliable source for her community. Never afraid to tackle taboo subjects and ask the hard questions, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins uses this rare skill to get to the heart of the issue. If she sees a need, she seeks to meet it. She has a proven track record of operating in excellence, with her clinics ranking number one in the state of Georgia. Believing that her life’s assignment is to help lift others, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins will always find a way to get the job done. She is creating a legacy of hope, change, and a brighter tomorrow for countless individuals.

Integrous, tenacious, business-minded, and passionate are the reasons why Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is forging ahead to tackle the opioid addiction. She wholeheartedly believes she has what it takes to solve a national crisis. From Henry County to the surrounding counties throughout Georgia, and then on a national scale, this tenacious woman will serve communities well. Dr. Mya Speller Cullins will work to create jobs, mentorship opportunities, provide recovery for those battling addiction, and reduce criminal activity. Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is a formidable force that will leave an impact that will continue to speak and reverberate for generations to come.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Dr. Mya Speller Cullins has always believed that accomplishing goals and having great community impact can not be done alone. She relies on the dedication, expertise, and tenacity of her team to get the job done!

Though her vision was to honor her late son’s legacy through the Nygil M. Cullins Semi- Independent Recovery Housing & Community Center, she will tell you that it’s a team effort. She truly believes that team work is what absolutely makes the dream work!

Paula Dixon

Paula Dixon

Vice President

Paula has over 14 years of healthcare experience. She is a proud married mother of two. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati. She is an Army Veteran, and she takes pride in providing patient care.

LaToya Thompson

LaToya Thompson


LaToya Thompson is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. She is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is continuing her education to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has over a decade of experience in Office Management, Administrative and Executive Assistance, and Directing Operations in the field of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. She possesses a wide variety of skills and enjoys strengthening those skills by reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and attending various training courses to promote success in her career. Those skills include but are not limited to excellent customer service; project management; effective office and employee management; human resources; internal auditing of personnel records, client charts and financial documents; staff recruiting; cultural competency and diversity; policy and procedure creation and revision; multitasking; department coordination; process improvements; conflict resolution; budgeting; and public speaking. In addition, she enjoys traveling and learning new skills that enhance her personal fulfillment.

Arleshia Little

Arleshia Little

Former Treasurer

“It gives me satisfaction knowing that I’m making a difference in the community and impacting others’ lives in a way that will help them improve their quality of life.” That was truly the life the late Arleshia Henderson lived. Arleshia Henderson Little dedicated her life to helping others achieve their goals. She faithfully served the Beyond Your Ordinary organization faithfully, until her passing. We will forever keep her in our hearts and will always be grateful for the way she served her family, community, and Beyond Your Ordinary with grace, class, integrity, and compassion.

Terry Miles

Terry Miles

Terry Miles assists with the overall operation of our non-profit organization. He’s not afraid of hard work and is always willing to get in the trenches. His ultimate goal is to makes sure the goals of the organization are met, as he is skillful in taking someone’s vision and bringing it to life. Terry helps to coordinate and lead community events, assists with the collaboration of community partnerships, and provides mentorship to young men through his program Raising Kings. Because Terry is a strong believer in helping people make their dreams a reality, he plans to implement a mentorship program that will not only help young males, but adult men as well. This mentorship program will operate within our community center. Terry’s background as a producer serves him well as one of our directors. His ability to write scripts, direct, provide guidance, implement vision, and provide professional wisdom and insight, connect, and collaborate with individuals in the field, all serves to the benefit of the board. 

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