Hello Wonderful People! As usual, I want to continue addressing mental health and substance abuse, so that families can have an enjoyable holiday, and prepare for a promising future. Today we are discussing the importance of seeking professional help.


Many of us are familiar with the phrase “The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one.” This is true; however, many individuals struggle to admit they need help and also find it difficult to seek professional guidance when battling a mental health condition or substance addiction.


For countless individuals, the reality of facing their inner demons is challenging. Denial is the first hurdle people must overcome. Most people battling mental health issues or substance abuse addiction are nervous about being labeled and want to avoid stigma. Apart from feeling extreme guilt, they often feel ashamed and embarrassed by their behavior. Others have the feeling they can “overcome when they are ready”, not recognizing they have a disease that needs to be addressed and treated with the help of a professional.


If you or someone you love is battling mental health issues or substance addiction, here are some points to ponder on receiving help.


  1. Your Challenges Shouldn’t Stop Your Life

Getting help is necessary to live the life you were intended to live. It is helpful to encourage individuals who are struggling and remind them of the wonderful, unique attributes that make them who they are. Highlight the fact that their current condition is temporary if they choose to get help.


2. This Condition Cannot be Conquered Alone

None of us were created to live on an island. It is helpful to remember that we do our best in life when we do it with others who have our best interests at heart. Like many of our loved ones, a professional counselor wants to see people win. This journey takes collaboration.


3. The World Needs You

Sometimes people who are struggling with mental health challenges and substance abuse addiction simply need to be reminded of their worth. We each have our role to play in the betterment of society and the world around us. Receiving professional help allows the individual a chance to get back on track and impact the world as only they can.


Professional counseling is vital to the mental, emotional, and even physical stability of individuals who are battling every day. Today, I challenge you to take a bold step. Admit the areas in which you are struggling and seek the assistance you need. You are not courageous when you are silent. You are brave when you speak your truth.


Be Well,


Dr. Mya


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