As a mental health expert, I’m often asked for mental health tips for moms, church leaders, families supporting someone in recovery, etc. And while all of the above-mentioned groups need real-life strategies to deal with their mental health. I wanted to take some time to deal with those who are trying to remain mentally and emotionally healthy while juggling the demands of business ownership.


For many entrepreneurs, it is difficult to have “normal” opening and closing hours, manage a family, and maintain excellent customer service. A lot of business owners play the role of CEO, marketing manager, social media manager, admin and more. I want you to know, as an entrepreneur or multiple businesses, I’ve learned first-hand how to ensure my mental health stays intact. Below are some applicable tools for the entrepreneur who wants to remain healthy.


Set Business Hours & Rest Hours

At the end of the day, you’re only one person. You cannot consistently pour into your business without taking time to ensure you’re also being poured into. Each weekend, schedule your week in detail. Determine what time each day you stop answering business calls and emails. Schedule a bedtime for each night and also schedule time to exercise and do things that help you unwind. This could be anything from binging Netflix, to getting a massage, and everything in between.


It’s OK to Say “No”

Not every business opportunity is meant for you. Before committing to projects and collaborations, take some time to weigh the pros and cons. If you don’t have peace about something, don’t move forward. Saying “no” is a complete sentence, and your mental health will thank you for it. 


Celebrate Your Wins

It can be easy to be hard on yourself for the mistakes you made or failures you experienced throughout the weeks or months. There’s always room for improvement but beating yourself up is never an option. Take time each day to celebrate what you accomplished and be proud of who you’re becoming. 


Know When to Pivot

Ultimately, businesses and seasons change. It’s OK to shift into another phase of business or a new business venture altogether, so ensure you’re always feeding your passion. Knowing when to pivot can be key for your mental health.


Be Well,

Dr. Mya