Being a mom, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and more has caused me to understand first-hand what it means to have a busy schedule. I am a workhouse and love to be productive. However, I’ve also learned that I cannot consistently give to my family, friends, employees, and clients if I’m not balanced and well. You’ve probably heard the saying before and it’s true. You cannot pour from an empty cup.


I want you to know that securing your bag, furthering your education, all while maintaining a functioning household is admirable, but it must be done strategically. One thing that helps me maintain balance is setting priorities and boundaries. Each week, I go into the week knowing which projects have to be attended to and what projects may be in my head, but don’t have to be done immediately. This keeps me from feeling overly anxious and help my schedule remain balanced.


I’ve also learned to create boundaries. There are set times that I will stop for a meal, spend time with my kids, call my mom, etc. Anything that tries to come between those time slots I’ve already allotted just has to wait. Over the years I have asked people the same question I had to ask myself years ago. “What good is money, influence, and prestige, if I’m not healthy and my household is suffering?” Asking yourself the same question will help you keep things in perspective. 


My last piece of advice would be to set realistic timelines and deadlines. The operative word here is realistic. Be sure to remind yourself that you cannot build your empire, business, or brand overnight. Breathe, take breaks, celebrate small wins, and repeat. Little by little you’ll see that you’ve made great progress and haven’t lost who you are in the process.


Be Well,

Dr. Mya